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Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Complete Footwell Bundle

Front and back footwell lights enhance the interior of your Tesla

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Hidden Armrest Tissue Holder

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Supercharged Accessories was created for Tesla owners, by Tesla owners. Our goal is to enhance the Tesla ownership experience by helping owners personalize their Teslas. We offer high quality, premium upgraded Tesla lighting options in multiple colors, interior Tesla accessories, and organizational accessories for the Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X. We love connecting with other Tesla owners - if you’d like to connect, reach out in the chat.

LED Door/Trunk Lights

Multiple Colors Available

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Light Up Your Backseat Footwell Lights

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What our customers are saying...

I love these lights. They're the perfect amount of brightness and sharpness. Couldn't be happier.

by JJ

AWESOME upgrade on my trunk lights! I can actually see in the back of my trunk in my poorly lit garage! Thanks for the great product and the great service Will

by Lois

First and foremost, customer service is superb. Great owner, very attentive, and you will not be disappointed. Installing is super simple, and the result is awesome! For $30 and some change, you cannot go wrong with these lights.

by Ali

I installed the Tesla T puddle lights and they are amazing... Crystal Clear and very bright... Outstanding addition to my M3...

by James W.

I bought 2 pairs of these lights and I must say they are extremely easy to install with the instructions provided. Also very bright during the night time. I have gotten so many compliments. :heart:️

by Jennifer D.

These puddle lights really enhance the overall look of the car. Super bright, clear, crisp. LOVE THEM!!!

by Glenn

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