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Customer Reviews

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Keith C.
Nice accessory

I purchased to increase visibility in my truck and add accent to the doors. My blue lights are the perfect accessory to my blue Tesla Model 3. They were easy to install.

Thank you for the review!

Sara M.
I am in love with these lights!

Great company! And the highest quality lights!!!!!!

Thank you for the kind words. We appreciate it.

Incredible Look!

We have a black M3 and this bundle made it look so complete. The purple lighting is incredible looking! They aren't joking when they say the truck lights are wicked bright! Plus - super easy installation process between the tool, and the videos. Thanks again all!

I was actually surprised how good the black and purple look together. It's one of my favorite combos.

James W.
Tesla Model 3 LED Lighting Upgrade Bundle is Amazing!

I installed the lighting upgrade bundle in my Tesla Model 3 and now I am able to see everything inside the cockpit and the trunk areas... What an amazing difference... so glad I made the investment to upgrade my M3s lighting...
Thanks Tesla Puddle Lights. com for the great product...

Thank you for taking the time to write this review. Glad you're liking the lights!

Bob M.
An excellent upgrade for my Model 3

I ordered the LED Lighting Upgrade Bundle for Tesla Model 3. This included lights for the front doors, foot wells and trunk. They made a significant difference. And with an additional coupon, I was able to get the Spudger for free (which was very handy). I had no problems with the install. Cables in the doors and foot wells, were very short (no more than an inch of play). But I was able to install without extensions.

Thanks for taking the time to write a review Bob. Glad you’re liking the lights. They do make a huge difference.