What's the Best Upgrade Accessory for your Tesla? Puddle Lights!

We love the puddle light upgrade for Tesla vehicles (Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y) and feel it's the best, aesthetic upgrade you can install. Puddle lights are super easy to install, they're relatively inexpensive, and you get a ton of compliments with these tesla upgrades.

But What are Puddle Lights?

Puddle lights are the small lights on the bottom of the door. Their function is to illuminate the ground you're about to step on in an effort to prevent you from stepping in a puddle. Hence the name 'puddle light.'

A Model 3 with 3 Logo premium puddle lights

Why You Should Buy Premium Puddle Lights from Us!

We feel Teslas are the best cars on the road. Our mission is to help Tesla owners personalize their cars to their liking. That mission guides what products we carry and how we run our business. We know you have a lot of options when purchasing puddle lights for your Tesla. When making your decision on where to buy from, keep in mind that our premium puddle lights have glass lenses for extremely bright and crisp projection. Our puddle lights also feature high quality components for extra long life. Also, our lights are RoHS and CE certified for extra peace of mind.


As we mentioned, we love the puddle light upgrade for a few reasons.

1. They're VERY easy to upgrade requiring only a regular screwdriver. The whole process takes about 5 minutes per light.

You can watch our install video HERE.

2. They're a relatively inexpensive upgrade. Less than $50 is a small price to pay for high quality, premium puddle lights on your $50K-$120K Tesla. For reference, puddle lights for an Audi run around $170.

3. Puddle lights give you a great opportunity to personalize your Tesla! By offering several different premium puddle light designs and colors, we try to give you as many options as possible to personalize your Tesla.